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Social Corporate Responsibility

Minimising impact on environment

At ENR Global, we are sensitive to and very aware of the environments that we and our clients operate in. We remain committed to minimising the adverse impact that our business could have on the environment and encourage all members of staff to take direct action to reduce our impact on the environment.

Committed to Diversity & Equality

We are committed to diversity and equality both internally, for our own recruitment processes and externally for our client services. We are aware of the advantages that a diverse workforce brings to an organisation and feel we have a responsibility to ensure our clients are provided with the best candidates from a wide range of backgrounds and assess candidates solely upon the basis of competencies and merit.

Supporting Social Causes

We recognise that our business could have an effect on the communities where we and our clients operate. In light of this, we will ensure that we operate in a socially responsible manner, offering support to relevant social causes.